About the Event

The Tanner Foundation for Neurological Diseases exists to enhance the lives of individuals living with neurological diseases through promoting, conducting and sponsoring research and education. The Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 started in 2003 by Dr. Emily Riser to provide educational opportunities to persons with multiple sclerosis, family members and health care professionals. The Foundation is named after Anthony Tanner, a former executive of a health care institution, who has MS.  Tony Tanner continues to be a great advocate, philanthropist, and champion for individuals with MS.

In 2015 the Foundation's Board identified a need within our community to broaden the Foundation's mission to include other neurological diseases.  A primary goal of the Foundation's work is to provide support to help reduce the financial and psychological burdens experienced by people living with neurological diseases, particularly ALS, MS and Parkinson's Disease.     


Over the Edge Birmingham will promote community awareness of neurological diseases. Funds raised through this event will provide vitally needed resources and support for people living with MS, ALS and Parkinson's Disease.

"Over the Edge" gives participants the opportunity to Make a Difference for people living with neurological diseases in our area AND experience the thrill of rappelling while friends, family, and the community watch.  The Offices at 3000 Riverchase is this year's exciting venue:

Our unique event will take place on Saturday, May 11th, beginning at 9:00am!!

Individuals who raise a minimum of $1,000 have the opportunity to participate, but you must register first to secure a spot. The registration fee is $100 and goes toward the $1,000 minimum required to rappel. Individuals can raise the minimum through any combination of donations through their page on the website.

Don't delay! Register now to rappel or donate to help others rappel! Your support will provide invaluable assistance to people living with devastating chronic neurological diseases. We appreciate your support!

Gift certificate for one night accommodation and breakfast for two at Ross Bridge Resort for the highest fundraiser!!!










On Target


Saturday May 11, 2019


The Offices at 3000 Riverchase, formerly Galleria Tower, is a 19-story, 375,000 square foot office building located at the Riverchase Galleria in the Hoover suburb of BirminghamAlabama. The building was developed by Jim Wilson & Associates as a part of the Riverchase Galleria.


The Tanner Foundation for Neurological Diseases,  Individuals and Teams who want to

Make a Difference

for people living with ALS, MS and Parkinson's.

Birmingham Over The Edge 2018